In the Beginning :: Evidence For God From Physics

What would you like others to know about In the Beginning?

"That it will challenge almost everything they thought they knew about science and religion and the nature of the human person."

It is a must see for growth in one’s life.

"How excellent it is!"

"It’s unlike any other series out there."

"That it is accessible! You do not need to have a science background to enjoy and grasp Fr. Spitzer’s course. He is gifted to be able to boil it down and make it coherent for a wide audience."

"It’s not preachy. It just deals with facts."

"That it is relevant and well informed with good scientific context. Plainly: it’s intelligent, well rounded and convicting. Realistic. Sound."

It’s engaging, inspiring and Fr. Bob’s enthusiasm and passion for the topic is contagious!

"It’s an argument/set of evidence that people who are searching for truth owe it to themselves to hear! People of faith do not need to feel threatened by scientific evidence, nor do scientists have to reject the possibility of a loving creator. Fr. Spitzer explains this very well."

"Be open to take a look."