In the Beginning :: Evidence For God From Physics

On a scale of 1–10, how would you rate this course and why?
1 = I’m sorry I came , 10 = This experience was of tremendous worth to my understanding of these matters

10! Presented in such a way that a lay person was able to understand complex theories.

"10 – Very, very good. Well worth it."

"11!! Absolutely beautiful."

"10 Easily. Really fascinating experience, fantastic and really rich."

"9 or 10 – Fr. Spitzer did a great job of bringing up issues and evidence that definitely challenge the ‘new atheism’ and his love for God and people is very evident!"

"10 – It gave me new information and perspective about my Creator and my religion."

"10 – Wonderful."

9 – Gives a broad overview of the subject and provides a lot of interesting information and perspective. Fr. Spitzer’s enthusiasm was infectious.

"10 – Filled in some gaps. My spirituality was missing something until I took the course."

"10 – I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture and it gave me a lot of understanding to questions that I had."

"10 – Thank you for a great series!! Very enjoyable. Met great people too. Very enlightening."

"10 – This year I studied a lot about the origin of the universe and humanity from (unfortunately) an atheistic viewpoint in two separate university classes. This course was so good to hear about the same topics from a viewpoint of faith."