In the Beginning :: Evidence For God From Physics

Why would you recommend In the Beginning:
Evidence For God From Physics to others?

"Fr. Bob makes a complex topic accessible to people of varying levels and backgrounds."

It opens your mind to possibilities and new ways of thinking about your place and your value.

"Any person who has heard ‘scientific evidence’ against the existence of God should listen to this instead."

"It is a great eye–opener and our contemporary society needs it more than ever."

"Awesome body of knowledge that is well and succinctly presented."

"It gave both sides of thinkings without only pushing God and knocking science. This way the obvious came out."

Fr. Spitzer’s presentation is very accessible to anyone interested in the subject, regardless of their background.

"Because it is so informative – if only for this! But it is also highly encouraging to go on believing in God."

"I would recommend it particularly to people of faith who were feeling distressed that what they were learning (scientific stuff) made it unreasonable to believe in God. I think they would be very encouraged that science and faith aren’t incompatible."

"It’s great to be intellectually equipped to handle difficult questions on belief."