In the Beginning :: Evidence For God From Physics

What if any affect will this have on your life? Why?

"It's given me a deeper understanding of God and Science and the Bible. Makes me care more for the Planet and God."

I realize how awesome my life is and that God loves me so much.

"It broadened my perspective by listening to other opinions."

"It gives me a new perspective and a greater appreciation of science and God’s beautiful design of our universe."

It gives me a greater appreciation of the creation of the universe as now I have more evidence of the origin. I also have a greater understanding of the expanding universe.

"It will make me a better Christian and a better teacher."

"Relief that I can accept science without rejecting my faith."

"I’ll be able to bring this into my ministry with university students."

"Brings me closer to God."

I feel more comfortable speaking with people who believe in evolution.

"[It will] reduce anxiety when learning and studying the origins of universe."