In the Beginning :: Evidence For God From Physics

How has attendance of this course impacted you?

"Besides providing me with solid scientific evidence to support my belief in God, it made me more amazed at God’s awesome creation!"

"[It] clearly and effectively introduced and explained the present state of research in this area and provided a good framework for building a case for the relationship between science and faith."

It made me understand the differences and similarities of religion and science. That there is no conflict but they can go hand in hand in deepening my faith.

"I learned a lot. I feel I’ve received information I can share with people from all circles and background."

"It Inspired me to study the topics in more depth."

"I [now] want to read Plato and Eddington."

"He has solidified and given direction to what I already believed but found difficult to explain or defend."

" [It] answered many questions around theology versus science and being Catholic."

It made me think about my place in the universe and my value (and that of those around me).

"It encouraged me in reasonableness of being a scientist who believes in a loving God!"